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Totally FREE streaming service for Web, iPhone, iPad, Android, IPTVs, Roku, Fire TV broadcasting & more. Fast signup and simple delivery of HD streaming video. The easiest and most powerful way to stream live and recorded video files.

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Use your favorite encoder device - Osprey Talon Encoders or Download Open Broadcaster Software & use below parameters to start live streaming. H264 video codec and AAC sound codec should be used for all device support.

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» What is is a free live streaming service for individuals, broadcasters, churches and faith-based organizations, businesses and anyone who needs live streaming service.

» How does it work?
You need to have an encoder that can push RTMP (free OBS for example). We recommend Osprey TALON Encoders. (Get 15% off when you buy your Talon Encoder from our Amazon store using coupon code "15SSH101" at checkout). After filling out the form you will get instructions on what to enter in your RTMP encoder.

» How can I watch the stream?
You can watch via popup window, a separate page, real time link and on mobile devices SRT link. You will get a full HLS link that you will be able to integrate in your apps and your own web player.

» Can I send content via SRT ptotocol?
Yes, instead of using rtmp:// you can use srt:// That wil allow to send content from places with not high quality Internet.

» What is real-time streaming?
Most of the streaming platforms utilize a streaming protocol that has up to 20 seconds or more delay. We added support for SLDP real-time protocol that allows viewers to watch with almost no delays.

» What is the best bitrate to stream?
The most desirable bit rate is around 1 Mb/s (up to 2 Mb/s). If stream is not working with 1 Mb/s please try to lower it to the level that stream wil start working.

» What is SRT protocol?
SRT protocol standard has been developed by Haivision and we added this feature to ssh101. Now viewers from South Asia, India, Latin America, rural US, and Africa can watch the stream on their mobile devices even when it will not be possible to watch the stream otherwise.

» How to watch SRT on mobile devices?
Simply install the free Larix player. After clicking on the SRT link (on mobile devices) a message will pop up to launch the Larix player which supports SRT protocol.

» Can I use SSH101 on Roku?
SSH101 app/channels are on Roku. Just do a search for ssh101 and install it.

» Can I use free streams in my own apps?
Yes, you will get an HLS link which you will be able to integrate into any app/web.

» Can I stream adult content?
It is not desirable. For 18+ content please check the 18+ check box. The channel will not show up on the main page, but you will get an email with all the data required for viewers to watch.

» What is "Icecast URL"?
Icecast is one of the most popular protocols for Radio stations, including radio applications.

» Can I get an application, like Android, iPhone or Android?
Yes, you can send us an email with request and we can build an app for you.

» Can I stream my channel or live event from my phone?
Yes, you can use Larix Broadcaster from iPhone and Android phone.

» Can I have any advanced features like DVR, nDVR and security?
SSH101 is already has a lot of advanced features, but we can add more if needed. Please get in touch with us via an email.

» If I see an abuser (streaming my content without rights) what should I do?
For that purpose our site shows "Publisher's IP" which will allow you to get in touch with the provider for that IP and shutdown the stream. You, as a copyright holder can send DMCA notice directly to the owner of the IP who allows to orginate the illegal stream.

» What is not allowed to stream?
Copyrighted content that you do not have rights for is not allowed to stream. Abusers will be banned from the system.