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Use your favorite encoder device - Osprey Talon Encoders or Download Open Broadcaster Software & use below parameters to start live streaming. H264 video codec and AAC sound codec should be used for all device support.

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» What is is a free live streaming service for individuals, broadcasters, churches and faith-based organizations, businesses and anyone who needs live streaming service. SSH101 is a streaming service that provides live video content to viewers over the internet. The service offers a variety of TV channels, movies, TV series, and other video content that can be accessed on a range of devices, including computers, smartphones, tablets, and streaming devices such as Roku and Apple TV. SSH101 provides its service through a combination of technologies, including RTMP and SRT streaming protocols. One of the unique features of SSH101 is its support for multiple languages and regional content, including Arabic, Turkish, Kurdish, Persian, and more. The service offers a range of TV channels and video content from different regions and countries, making it a popular choice for viewers who want access to a diverse selection of content. SSH101 is powered by Tulix Systems, a technology company that specializes in streaming solutions and services for live and on-demand video content. Tulix Systems provides the backend infrastructure and support for the SSH101 service, ensuring that the video content is delivered smoothly and reliably to viewers.

» How does it work?
You need to have an encoder that can push RTMP (free OBS for example). We recommend Osprey TALON Encoders. (Get 15% off when you buy your Talon Encoder from our Amazon store using coupon code "15SSH101" at checkout). After filling out the form you will get instructions on what to enter in your RTMP encoder.

» How can I watch the stream?
You can watch via popup window, a separate page, real time link and on mobile devices SRT link. You will get a full HLS link that you will be able to integrate in your apps and your own web player.

» Can I send content via SRT ptotocol?
Yes, instead of using rtmp:// you can use srt:// That wil allow to send content from places with not high quality Internet.

» What is real-time streaming?
Most of the streaming platforms utilize a streaming protocol that has up to 20 seconds or more delay. We added support for SLDP real-time protocol that allows viewers to watch with almost no delays.

» What is the best bitrate to stream?
The most desirable bit rate is around 1 Mb/s (up to 2 Mb/s). If stream is not working with 1 Mb/s please try to lower it to the level that stream wil start working.

» What is SRT protocol?
SRT protocol standard has been developed by Haivision and we added this feature to ssh101. Now viewers from South Asia, India, Latin America, rural US, and Africa can watch the stream on their mobile devices even when it will not be possible to watch the stream otherwise.

» How to watch SRT on mobile devices?
Simply install the free Larix player. After clicking on the SRT link (on mobile devices) a message will pop up to launch the Larix player which supports SRT protocol.

» Can I use SSH101 on Roku?
SSH101 app/channels are on Roku. Just do a search for ssh101 and install it.

» Can I use free streams in my own apps?
Yes, you will get an HLS link which you will be able to integrate into any app/web.

» Can I stream adult content?
It is not desirable. For 18+ content please check the 18+ check box. The channel will not show up on the main page, but you will get an email with all the data required for viewers to watch.

» What is "Icecast URL"?
Icecast is one of the most popular protocols for Radio stations, including radio applications.

» Can I get an application, like Android, iPhone or Android?
Yes, you can send us an email with request and we can build an app for you.

» Can I stream my channel or live event from my phone?
Yes, you can use Larix Broadcaster from iPhone and Android phone.

» What is RTMP?
RTMP stands for Real-Time Messaging Protocol, which is a protocol used for streaming audio, video, and data over the internet. It was developed by Adobe Systems for the purpose of streaming audio and video between a Flash player and a server. RTMP is a proprietary protocol that enables low-latency communication between a client and server, making it an ideal choice for live streaming. With RTMP, audio and video data are streamed in real-time from a media player to a server, which then distributes the content to other viewers. It is commonly used for live streaming of events, online gaming, and other interactive applications.

» What is SRT?
SRT stands for Secure Reliable Transport, which is an open-source streaming protocol designed for transmitting high-quality video content over unreliable networks, such as the internet. It is a low-latency protocol that offers encryption and error correction to ensure that video content is delivered securely and with minimal interruption. SRT was developed by Haivision in collaboration with Wowza Media Systems, as a response to the limitations of traditional streaming protocols such as RTMP and RTP. SRT is designed to overcome the challenges of transmitting video over networks that may be affected by packet loss, jitter, and other issues that can degrade the quality of the stream. One of the key features of SRT is its ability to dynamically adjust the bitrate and video quality based on the network conditions. This means that it can adapt to changes in network bandwidth and ensure that the stream remains stable and uninterrupted. SRT is gaining popularity among broadcasters and streaming service providers due to its ability to deliver high-quality video content reliably over the internet, even in challenging network conditions.

» How to stream to SSH101 from OBS?
To stream to the RTMP server at rtmp:// from OBS, you can follow these steps: Open OBS and go to the "Settings" menu. Click on the "Stream" tab. In the "Stream Type" dropdown menu, select "Custom Streaming Server." In the "URL" field, enter "rtmp://" In the "Stream key" field, enter YOUR_STREAM_NAME, replacing "YOUR_STREAM_NAME" with the name you want to give your stream.. Click "OK" to save your settings. You are now ready to start streaming to the RTMP server. To start the stream, click on the "Start Streaming" button in the main OBS window.

» What is embed code for video player?
An embed code for a video player is a piece of HTML code that you can add to a webpage to display a video player on the page. The code typically consists element that includes the source URL for the video player, along with any additional configuration settings. To get the embed code for a video player, you will typically need to access the sharing or embedding options provided by the video hosting service or platform where the video is hosted.

» What is nDVR?
NDVR stands for Network Digital Video Recording, which is a technology that allows live video streams to be recorded and stored on a server or network storage device for later playback. With NDVR, viewers can pause, rewind, and fast-forward through recorded video content, similar to a digital video recorder (DVR) used for television. NDVR is typically used in video streaming applications such as live events, sports broadcasts, and online video platforms to allow viewers to watch recorded content at their convenience. The technology works by continuously recording the live video stream and storing it in a buffer. When a viewer wants to access the recorded content, the video player retrieves the recorded content from the buffer and begins playback from the desired point in the video. One of the main advantages of NDVR is that it allows viewers to catch up on missed content or re-watch important moments, even if they were not able to watch the live stream in real-time. NDVR can also be used to create highlight reels or clip compilations from live events, which can be shared on social media or used for promotional purposes. NDVR is often implemented using cloud-based video storage and processing services, which can offer scalability and flexibility in terms of storage capacity and processing power.

» Who built SSH101
SSH101 was build and uses Tulix Systems infrastucture

» What company is Tulix Systems?
Tulix Systems is a technology company that specializes in providing end-to-end streaming solutions and services for live and on-demand video content. The company offers a range of services including video hosting, live streaming, video transcoding, content delivery, and video player development. Tulix Systems provides its services to a variety of clients in different industries, including media and entertainment, sports, education, and corporate communications. The company's clients include broadcasters, content creators, event organizers, and enterprises looking to leverage the power of online video for their business. Tulix Systems is known for its expertise in delivering high-quality video content over the internet using advanced streaming technologies such as adaptive bitrate streaming (ABR), dynamic packaging, and content protection. The company also offers customizable video player solutions that can be branded and integrated into clients' websites or mobile apps. In addition to its streaming services, Tulix Systems also offers consulting and support services to help clients optimize their video workflows and ensure the best possible user experience for their viewers. The company is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and has been in operation since 2004.

» Can I have a paid service?
We are planning to offer commericial platform which will allow you to have multiple streams with protected by login and password publishing points, servers and US and EU with phone support. iPlease check with us back soon.

» Why video for some stream doesn't start right away?
Please setup in your encoder settings GOP or key frame interval to 2 seconds.

» Can I have any advanced features like DVR, nDVR and security?
SSH101 is already has a lot of advanced features, but we can add more if needed. Please get in touch with us via an email.

» If I see an abuser (streaming my content without rights) what should I do?
For that purpose our site shows "Publisher's IP" which will allow you to get in touch with the provider for that IP and shutdown the stream. You, as a copyright holder can send DMCA notice directly to the owner of the IP who allows to orginate the illegal stream.

» What is not allowed to stream?
Copyrighted content that you do not have rights for is not allowed to stream. Abusers will be banned from the system.